Layers of skin and chapters in life

My skin has bailed on me this past month, specially this week. A little too much emotional stress, a few sleepless nights baked with work work work, and drinks after work accompanied by one or two cigarettes too many. Disaster was inevitable for me to realize a change has to be made. While I’m sipping on my organic chai (just minutes after eating a sugary cake all by myself) I am beginning a long metamorphosis, I am in transit. Years of my life that for a moment seemed to be lost and left a bitter taste, have now made me mute on an emotional level. I am not suffering though, after throwing 6 years in the trash I thought I would feel more. But here I am, alive and smiling. Happy that all those things that happened, were some of the best moments in my life. Excited that there’s more to come. But also sad, that it’s a chapter I’ve had to leave behind to move forward all by myself. The world has never felt more cold and unfamiliar, the cocoon, the protective bubble He created for us has only left scattered debris. So now I am here to create one for myself. And to maybe let someone in in the future. But that will be the start of another chapter.


A time of enlightenment

“Practice loving kindness to overcome anger. Loving kindness has the capacity to bring happiness to others without demanding anything in return.
Practice compassion to overcome cruelty. Compassion has the capacity to remove the suffering of others without expecting anything in return.
Practice sympathetic joy to overcome hatred. Sympathetic joy arises when one rejoices over the happiness of others and wishes others well-being and success.
Practice non-attachment to overcome prejudice. Non-attachment is the way of looking at all things openly and equally. This is because that is. Myself and others are not separate. Do not reject one thing only to chase after another.

I call these the four immeasurables. Practice them and you will become a refreshing source of vitality and happiness for others.”

Sundløf Organic Skin Care /Kjaer Weis event

Today I stopped by  Sundløf Organic Skin Care‘s boutique to see the brand Kjaer Weis being introduced into their range of other amazing lines of luxurious makeup and skincare brands. It was a bliss to meet the owners and the makeup artists to chat about the things we enjoy in life – organic makeup and skincare.

I appreciate gorgeous packaging but at the same time I am very mindful about the ingredients being active and of high quality, this is where Sundløf ticks all of my boxes. The store has a very minimal, modern but still down to earth twist to it, with celebrity-loved brands like Jurlique and The Organic Pharmacy in their assortment.

Sundløf is one of my favorite beauty stores in Stockholm and I strongly recommend you make a visit. You’re guaranteed to be met with great customer service and with answers to all of your “organic-beauty-questions”.

A special thanks to Katarina, Ulrika and Felicia from

IMG_1183 IMG_1185 IMG_1186


Idag blev det ett stopp vid Sundløf för att kolla in deras lansering av märket Kjaer Weis till deras sortiment av naturliga och ekologiska skönhetsprodukter. Jag kan inte med ord förklara hur roligt det var att träffa människor med samma slags intresse – eko skönhet.

Jag uppskattar lyxig förpackning som jag är mån om att ingredienserna är aktiva och av hög kvalité, det är här Sundløf verkligen uppfyller alla mina krav. Butiken är minimalistisk, modern och har en “overall” väldigt skön känsla, man vill liksom hänga där och snacka krämer och oljor. Kändisfavoriter som Jurlique och The Organic Pharmacy hittar ni självklart här. 

Sundløf är en av mina favoritbutiker i Stockholm och jag rekommenderar starkt ett besök, tro mig ni kommer att komma tillbaka! Garanterar att ni kommer få utmärkt hjälp med både produktval och era frågor om allt skönhet. 

Ett extra stort tack till  Katarina, Ulrika and Felicia från Spasupply för ett trevligt event och ett fint bemötande! 

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