Review: The Organic Pharmacy Manuka Face Cream


Brand: The Organic Pharmacy is a brand that focuses on bringing high quality, natural and organic ingredients into your skincare regimen. The brand has an A-list following, and there’s no doubt why. The Organic Pharmacy as a whole outcompetes some of the other established natural and organic brands on the market. Price-points are quite high but I would put the quality of their products in the same range as the luxurious Tata Harper. See it as an investment for your skin. What caught my attention the most about TOP (let’s just shorten it that) is that it is an organic brand, but nearly as effective as what we call cosmeceuticals. E.g. it has really good products for oily, acne and problem skin. Something I think is otherwise very hard to find amongst the organic brands.

Product information: Except for this moisturizer, I also tried an oil and a “toner” by the brand, but generally I felt like this was the star-product out of the three. The website describes it as a light non-greasy moisturizer that normalizes oil production and reduces flaky areas. It is also supposed to minimize blemishes because of the antiseptic ingredient manuka.

Fragrance: The cream has a very medicinal scent, but to me it smells antiseptic in a very herbal way. Nothing that bothers me, actually on the contrary. When you have oily, congested and acne-prone skin that is exactly what you’d want to put on your face (not a rosy-sweet perfumed creme).

Ingredients: The main ingredients are Aloe, Rose Hip, Tea Tree, St Johns Wort, Honey, Jojoba, Manuka and Marigold. You can find the whole ingredients-list HERE. 

What I absolutely love about the site is that they have a “Ingredient Glossary”, basically you just click on one of the ingredients and you get a description of it. As an example, I used to ban every product that contained alcohol. But because of the site I got more educated about it and found out they are using organic rye alcohol in very small quantities, and therefor it does not irritate or dry out the skin. PUH! And please do check out the complete ingredient list, because it is truly amazing.

Review & Results: When I ordered this cream, my skin had suffered some major breakouts and allergic reactions. I had long loved and used products by Dermalogica, Clarins, MD Formulations, Murad etc.. very active skincare in other words. In the beginning glycolic acids and salicylic acids had only benefited my congested and scarred teenage face, but after a while it started working against me. Blackheads were increasing in size and amount. Whiteheads were looking like cysts on my jaw, cheeks and forehead. After becoming more aware of what I was putting in my body, I started to also look at what exactly I was putting ON it. So there my journey began, in spring right before summer (I must mention that it was before my graduation, so the time when you want to look as good as possible). Remember that for your skin to get used to new skincare it needs at least a few months, now imagine going from using AHA’s, BHA’s and brands only using chemical ingredients, to only using all natural and organic. My skin was in shock. It was all a struggle, but now when I look at my skin, I think it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my beauty-life since going blonde. Even better than that.

This cream has balanced out my skin big time. My oily T-zone and extremely dry patches are all gone. I’d say the state of my skin is normal to sensitive (and acne prone a few days a month, one of the many perks of being a woman). The huge blackheads I thought were genetical are gone, I have pores on my nose yes, but they’re not the size of nose piercings anymore. I am also happy to say that this cream was very soothing and calming on my red and irritated skin. Also I had never experienced such a light cream being so moisturizing but without the greasiness. I found myself not using any primers and just using this as a makeup base, but then I used a foundation with SPF since this has none. It doesn’t roll up on your skin, but a sign that you have used too much is that it goes all “white” on your face when you rub it in. Because of it’s gel to cream texture it is easy to use too much.

One complain I have is the jar, which is quite unhygienic considering it’s an all natural brand without parabens and other preservatives. Even for a brand using those types of ingredients I feel it quite off-putting. Good thing you get a spatula, but I would still prefer a glass bottle with a pump.

Size: When I ordered this product I knew it was 50 ml (1.7 fl oz), but when it arrived I was still quite shocked at how small the jar was. I started questioning if just a regular moisturizer was worth the money I had spent. Oh how I was mistaking.

I love this cream so much that I am going to repurchase it.  That has only happened with one product before, so it means a lot.

For what skintype is this cream then? 

Because of it’s antiseptic qualities and light-weight texture I’d say oily and acne prone skins, but because it has the amazing “power” (can you tell how much I’m in love with this cream yet?) of normalizing skin and putting back moisture even to the driest areas.. I’d say normal to dry skintypes. BUT it would definitely be the most beneficial to the skintypes mentioned above.

If you are seeking a moisturizer with the added bonus of an SPF, this is not for you. The makeup I use has fairly high SPF in itself and I do reapply it during the day so I have my protection all set. An added cream with SPF on top of this would not hurt though.



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