Sasha Luss and that gorgeous hair


I kid you not, I have been contemplating becoming an extremely pale blonde just like Sasha. You think it would work? I am obsessed with white hair atm!!



  1. flatteryourbeauty

    I think it could work for you, you are pale and your face has character (yes, those bones you hate…). This very blonde hair makes your skin look more yellow/pink whichever it is, so that’s important to know. Also, it’s a lot more maintenance, roots show up in a heartbeat!

    • interbeauty

      Oh I’m so glad you mentioned that.. I do have some red patches mostly because of hormones.. I’m afraid those would be pronounced :/ I would have to wear foundation all the time, but damn I really want that hair! Yes.. maintaining the hair and bleaching it would really destroy it. Unfortunately.

      • flatteryourbeauty

        Do you have highlights now? Maybe if you have a good hair stylist, you can try that. It’s not as bad on the hair either. You could get ash tones. I bleach my hair too, but I’m mid-blonde, so it’s not destroying my hair – never did. What I ask for is “ash blonde”, so my stylist puts on the toner so it doesn’t have golden/yellow undertone, so it looks light blonde and white-ish (ashy). It may look slightly grey/purple, but it goes away after the first wash. 🙂

      • interbeauty

        I’ve never did my whole hair, always highlighting just some parts because I don’t want to destroy it too much haha 😀 Yeah I should ask for more ashy tones, I’ve always gotten very warm hair.. x

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