Layers of skin and chapters in life

My skin has bailed on me this past month, specially this week. A little too much emotional stress, a few sleepless nights baked with work work work, and drinks after work accompanied by one or two cigarettes too many. Disaster was inevitable for me to realize a change has to be made. While I’m sipping on my organic chai (just minutes after eating a sugary cake all by myself) I am beginning a long metamorphosis, I am in transit. Years of my life that for a moment seemed to be lost and left a bitter taste, have now made me mute on an emotional level. I am not suffering though, after throwing 6 years in the trash I thought I would feel more. But here I am, alive and smiling. Happy that all those things that happened, were some of the best moments in my life. Excited that there’s more to come. But also sad, that it’s a chapter I’ve had to leave behind to move forward all by myself. The world has never felt more cold and unfamiliar, the cocoon, the protective bubble He created for us has only left scattered debris. So now I am here to create one for myself. And to maybe let someone in in the future. But that will be the start of another chapter.


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