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blue nails

As always Deborah Lippmann is the only one who succeeds in making wearable glitter nail polishes. You know how hard it is to wear glitter on our nails without feeling (and looking!) like 5 again, and especially in the color blue. These are spring 2012 nail polishes and they are already out in stores.

To the left we have Mermaids Dream, a kind of shimmer turquoise color with blue and gold glitters. I’d say you’d need at least two or three coats to get an opaque result (sneaky-me: I swatched it!). It has a quite grainy finish to it that I do not like and the color is not suitable for everyday wear and just because glitter polishes are such a pain to remove I think I’m gonna pass on this one. Pretty in the bottle though!

To the right we have On the Beach which is a very pretty and modern riviera blue. It has a cream formula which gives the polish a more sophisticated look. If I had a nice tan going on I would totally buy this, but unfortunately I don’t, so pass on this one too.