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Kjaer Weis Cream Blush – Swatches Joyful, Sun Touched & Lovely

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According to Kjaerweis.com:

Always to the left is Joyful – “‘Joyful’ is a deep, reddish coral, that is a beautiful compliment to tan skin.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Joyful is our silky Cream Blush that is great for summer. It glides on easily, and works well on pale to dark skin tones. It adds a summery glow to tan skin and a sunny, warm radiance to pale skin. Joyful melts beautifully onto the apple of the cheek, with a subtle vanilla scent, and the smooth, creaminess of Shea Butter. This color is a deep, red variation of a coral that gives your complexion gorgeous warmth, and an exquisite glow.”

Sun Touched is in the middle – “‘Sun Touched’ gives a gorgeous glow. This coral tone flatters any eye color, for a youthful look, kissed by the sun.” -Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Sun Touched Cream Blush enlivens the skin, adding a warm, vibrant glow to the face. This shade of Cream Blush is great for Olive skin tones and works well on Pale to Medium-Dark skin tones as well. The rich coral pigmentation in Sun Touched brightens the eyes, and gives a youthful sun kissed look. KW Cream Blushes melt with the warmth of the fingers, and blend beautifully on the apple of the cheek.”

To the right you have Lovely – “‘Lovely’ gives a pretty, flushed look that is long-lasting. I apply it to the apple of the cheek, and it melts with the warmth of the fingers.” -Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Lovely is a beautiful pink tone. Its rich color pigment has a long-lasting effect that gives a pretty flushed-cheek look. This shade is incredible for Pale all the way to the Darkest skin tones. The creamy consistency of this Cream Blush blends beautifully on the apple of the cheek, and goes on smoothly with the warmth of the fingers. Our Cream Blushes are enhanced with a beautiful Vanilla scent, that is subtle, and all organic ingredients, which lends to their creamy, easily blendable consistency.”


These cream blushes are my all time favorite cream products. Moisturizing but never sticky or too heavy. I like to apply these either with a brush like the Becca Cream Blush/Bronzer brush or if I want more pigment to stay on I just use my fingers. These are high quality products and definitely worth checking out.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blushers / Proving that natural can also be luxurious, eco-friendly and beautiful.

I’ve been quite obsessed with Kjaer Weis for about two months now, so I thought it was time for a review. 

Official info: Kjaer Weis is a forward-thinking cosmetics brand created by Danish-born makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis.

The brand is very aware of beauty and health, creating the highest quality products based on natural, organic and safe ingredients. Equally important is the outside and great importance is therefore the product’s design.
Kjaer Weis fills a gap in the market with their products clean content and well-designed, luxurious and modern packaging.
The inside is a beautiful and refillable metal box designed by Marc Atlan (he’s worked for Tom Ford, Helmut Lang, Dior, Rei Kawakubo etc).

“The visual and aesthetic parts of daily life are Vitaly important to me. Conciously or uncounsciosly Design Affects us all.”

Peronal: Let me start by saying I’m a sucker for trendy and minimal packaging. I love the newest technology in makeup therefor I almost never buy “old classic formulas” in foundations, blushers etc. I always try to buy newly launched makeup which I know will be amped up and have modern texture, feel, look etc. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my Touche Éclat… but you get the idea.

Three months ago something clicked in my head and I started researching natural and organic makeup, especially the benefits of going “au naturel”. After thinking it through thoroughly I decided there was time for a change in my makeup stash. Often I wouldn’t use my blushes or lipsticks because they’d gross me out when I thought about all the chemicals and the fact that they might clog pores etc. My long list of “to-buy” products shrank from two pages long to half a page. Expensive body butters which mostly contained glycerin and parabens (with chemical scents) were replaced with organic jojoba oil, body scrubs with grains that had that “something extra” were suddenly beaten by a home made lemon sugar scrub. An expensive facial wash was replaced by an organic one for sensitive skin.. and so on.. By this I hope to not only save my skin from future irritations and problems, but also my bankaccount from always becoming empty at the end of the month because of my shopping behavior. I tell you now, no exclusive body lotion for 100€ will be better than pure organic oil for your skin. Whether it be grape seed oil, jojoba, olive, shea, macadami.. The list goes on. Most importantly is that it fits the needs of your skin.

I’ll stop torturing you and move right to the review. 


As you can see, the product comes with a beautiful box and has gorgeous packaging. Heavy, minimalistic and expensive (haha) – just the way I like it! Best part? The product itself!

I have the colours:

Blossoming which is a rosy tone that gives a ‘fresh face’ appearance, with a healthy glow

Desired Glow which gives the illusion of just returning from holiday, with the look of a subtle tan

These cream blushes are high quality for real.

They last all day with some fading after 8 hours of wear (depending on your skin-type) and are easy to use. They have a texture which reminds me of something waxy mixed with vaseline, this sounds horrendous but I promise you it’s not. It’s not pasty-looking like some cream blushers, and not shiny like others.

I start of with Desired Glow to give my skin a radiance boost and then pop some Blossoming slightly on and above the apples of my cheeks. I am sometimes extra naughty and mix in Blossoming with my under-eye concealer, because it cancels out any blue tones but remains the sensitive eye-area moisturized and well protected. I apply the product with my Becca Creme Blush/Bronzer brush.

These are sheer to medium and I see they would suit fairer skin tones the best. The richer shades would probably even work for medium skin tones out there but giving more of a natural look. They are buildable, but it’s not their main purpose in my opinion, if you want pigmented go for Mac or any other brand. But here the focus is on feel, texture, the glow and how the product makes you feel when using it. For me that is priceless and I am ready to bang out the extra bucks for that special moment I share with my favorite products. They’ve never failed me and always improved how my skin has looked, even when it’s been flaking or having severe irritation. After I switched from my Smashbox blushes to Kjaer Weis, not only does my makeup look better, but my actual skin does. One of many benefits of going au naturel. 

How do you know the product will fit you? I would say fair to medium skintones, and on the slightly drier side. Though, I would say any skin type could actually wear it but I think it’s a matter of where you put it. Even with my winter-dry skin if I’d put the Desired Glow on my t-zone I’d definitely shine like a disco-ball. Just be smart with where you put it and you should be fine. No breakouts for acne-prone skin either. A great plus for those with dry skin who hate mineral makeup and it’s powdery texture. If you don’t care for the price I suggest only buying a refill and trying it out.

My opinion? Totally worth it. OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE!