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Givenchy Le Rouge 102 Beige Plume – Swatches, Photos and Review

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May I start off with the fact that Givenchy has been bringing their A-game when it comes to launching new makeup products. Foundation, primers, eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks and nailpolishes (let’s not forget the scary looking ball mascara) are all topnotch. There is no doubt that Givenchy has quality comparable to Chanel, Dior and all of the other higher-end brands (that are more often coming out with collections that really.. are not impressing me that much lately). I have no doubt that I’ll sometime in the near future purchase another of Givenchy’s beauty products (nailpolish on the list). I am rarely faithful to one brand.

I used to have a phobia regarding nude lipsticks (just have that in the back of your mind when you read this review)

Givenchy Beige Plume (102) is a medium to light toned nude color. To me it is beige but not all the way, I find it very peachy (with a pinch of coral as you can see on my swatches) but still with that light beige going through it. This color will show up differently on everyone, depending on your skin-tone and coloring. To be completely honest with you, you will have to try it on to tell if it’s going to work for you or not. I am, as an example, very pale but warmer colors tend to work for my slightly yellow undertone better, therefor the beige-ness doesn’t overpower (on me). Try it and if it suits you, you are the lucky winner.

Formula is like nothing I’ve tried before, but then again I’m not a beauty-guru.

It smooths over imperfections making lips look lusciously healthy and plump. I always have the problem of dry and creepy lips even if I exfoliate and layer lip butters over and over again, but this creamy lipstick does the trick for me. Even though it’s a matte (with a velvet finish) it never feels or wears like a true matte lipstick. It’s “the new matte”, the matte that appeals to a larger crowd (that crowd being me). Because of this in fact, it does have a “con”, and that is that it is not as long-lasting as perhaps your traditional matte, but it isn’t tricky to work with which weighs up that con. I did the right thing by choosing a nude that was going to be easy to re-apply during the day (without feathering). Consistency is very light and smooth, creamy but without the irritating felling of it slipping around like a hot mess. But fades quickly, unfortunately, it does. No doubt about it.

Packaging is luxurious, hefty and looks expensive. I expected this lipstick to cost me 32GBP (51USD, 38EUR), but it was a lot cheaper on tax-free/duty-free, around 1/3 the price less. I was very happy about my purchase that day if you can’t guess that already.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush – Swatches Joyful, Sun Touched & Lovely

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According to Kjaerweis.com:

Always to the left is Joyful – “‘Joyful’ is a deep, reddish coral, that is a beautiful compliment to tan skin.” – Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Joyful is our silky Cream Blush that is great for summer. It glides on easily, and works well on pale to dark skin tones. It adds a summery glow to tan skin and a sunny, warm radiance to pale skin. Joyful melts beautifully onto the apple of the cheek, with a subtle vanilla scent, and the smooth, creaminess of Shea Butter. This color is a deep, red variation of a coral that gives your complexion gorgeous warmth, and an exquisite glow.”

Sun Touched is in the middle – “‘Sun Touched’ gives a gorgeous glow. This coral tone flatters any eye color, for a youthful look, kissed by the sun.” -Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Sun Touched Cream Blush enlivens the skin, adding a warm, vibrant glow to the face. This shade of Cream Blush is great for Olive skin tones and works well on Pale to Medium-Dark skin tones as well. The rich coral pigmentation in Sun Touched brightens the eyes, and gives a youthful sun kissed look. KW Cream Blushes melt with the warmth of the fingers, and blend beautifully on the apple of the cheek.”

To the right you have Lovely – “‘Lovely’ gives a pretty, flushed look that is long-lasting. I apply it to the apple of the cheek, and it melts with the warmth of the fingers.” -Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Lovely is a beautiful pink tone. Its rich color pigment has a long-lasting effect that gives a pretty flushed-cheek look. This shade is incredible for Pale all the way to the Darkest skin tones. The creamy consistency of this Cream Blush blends beautifully on the apple of the cheek, and goes on smoothly with the warmth of the fingers. Our Cream Blushes are enhanced with a beautiful Vanilla scent, that is subtle, and all organic ingredients, which lends to their creamy, easily blendable consistency.”


These cream blushes are my all time favorite cream products. Moisturizing but never sticky or too heavy. I like to apply these either with a brush like the Becca Cream Blush/Bronzer brush or if I want more pigment to stay on I just use my fingers. These are high quality products and definitely worth checking out.

DKNY Cashmere Mist Deodorant Antiperspirant Review

I just ran out of my dkny cashmere mist deodorant! 

Ladies we have a winner over here. If you haven’t tried it, don’t hesitate because of the price. 

Only cons are that it might leave you with white patches on your black clothes if you use too much of it, and the smell might not be your cup of tea.

But for now I’m trying out the Biotherm one… We’ll see how long I can live without my beloved cashmere mist.


Dior Hydra Life Creme Sorbet Yeux Pro-Jeunesse Review


I really like this eye cream. The scent is very fresh but subtle.

The consistency is a thick gel texture that takes a while to sink into your skin. If applied thicker it does get quite sticky.

What do I think of the product?

I’ve tried different eye creams but always returned to this one. I guess it has to do with the sophisticated jar, the luxurious scent and the rich texture. When I use it I feel like I’m pampering my skin.

Putting the shallow parts aside, I did feel and see a difference when using this continuously. My otherwise very dry under eye skin suddenly felt plump (no under eye bags!) and rejuvenated. I would recommend this to anyone with normal/slightly dry to oily skin. If you have severe dryness with flaking I would suggest going for something a bit richer and emollient in texture. This combined with my Ole Henriksen Truth Eye Peel was the perfect combination. My skin is brightened, fresh and looks “younger”. I used to have milia near the inner corners of my eyes, those are practically gone by now (this I think has to do more with using the Eye Peel).


Miracle Products

Two different product brands but the same effect. They do their jobs perfectly. 

  • exfoliating (through lactic acid and glycolic acid)
  • boosts collagen= anti-aging (the GOOD way without those heavy expensive creams)
  • reversing signs of photoaging
  • improving skin texture -smooth, softer skin
  • unclogging
  • daily renewal
  • deeply moisturizing
  • non-comedogenic